Thursday, October 8, 2009


Everybody has one. That one haunting cake from their past that didn't turn out quite as expected. After the excitement of picking out their favorite Disney-themed birthday cake or describing in detail their dream wedding cake, happily driving to the bakery the morning of the big event, slowly opening the smooth, white bakery box in anticipation only to discover....


This is my family's "Cake Wreck." A cake that will live in infamy. Possibly for as long as this Barbie seems to have laid in a tanning bed. Yes, in fact the peroxide blonde Medusa-haired, tanorexic mess on the cake is actually supposed to be the Barbie depicted on the party plates you can see underneath excited, 6-year-old me.

Fortunately, this is pretty tame compared to most of the unintentionally hilarious cake photos submitted by readers to Jen Yates' blog "Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong." An online gallery devoted entirely to "deformed, distasteful and bizarrely decorated wedding and birthday cakes," Cake Wrecks features reader submissions in several categories like Creative Grammar, Literal LOLs and Mithspellings. If you haven't been to Jen's blog yet you Must. Go. Now. This is honestly the funniest blog I've found on the web though, I must warn you, it may not be office appropriate. Not because of the content, but rather because it may cause you to snort uncontrollably while you try to hold in your laughter in an office environment. Of course, your office may be an uncontrollable snort-friendly kind of place, in which case, have at it. Just to give you a small taste, here are a few of my all-time faves:

Gross. The sign just makes it so much worse.

That's what you get for being specific:

Um, what?

First, the wedding cake inspiration:
What was delivered:

Anyways, all of this is to say that now Jen has released a brand new Cake Wrecks book cataloging some of the great wrecks from the site as well dozens of never-before-seen masterpieces, so now you can guffaw freely at home pouring over its pages instead of trying to chortle quietly to yourself in the office. The book has the great pics and hilarious captions we've come to love from the site and this would make a great gift for anyone you know that's a fan of baking, decorating, or laughing at the misfortune of others. If you get a chance also be sure to check out Jen on her world tour where you may also find recreations of some of the best-loved wrecks from the blog.

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  1. Hilarious!
    Great job on the blog. Bookmarked a couple of recipe to try out. Thanks for sharing!:)