Friday, March 13, 2009

Super Quick Bisquick

I wish I could take credit for this awesome-looking biscuit dough but, as you can probably intuit from the title of this post, it is in fact courtesy of none other than Bisquick. As an aside, the spellcheck suggestions for Bisquick are bisque and Basque. Interesting?


Biscuits aren't at all in my normal dinner repertoire but, having picked up some steak on a whim at the grocery store on my way home from work, I knew that the lowly can of green beans I had planned to microwave as a side dish just wasn't going to cut it. I was craving carbs. For some reason, the old standby of "steak and potatoes" didn't occur to me at the grocery store, and a quick scan of my pantry revealed that I didn't even have instant potato flakes. My glance fell across a bag of cornmeal and I started having warm-and-fuzzy flashbacks of the Jiffy cornmuffin mix my mom used to make. With that as an option I also caught a glimpse of a forgotten box of Bisquick mix peeking out from one of the lower shelves--When did I buy that? Though I assumed biscuits to be a long and messy affair, a quick comparison of ingredients showed that, whereas the corn muffin recipe called for 8 ingredients (8!) and 20 minutes of bake time, the biscuits needed only the baking mix and milk. Genius.

Of course, these aren't the enormous, flaky biscuits you may remember from childhood, but for a biscuit that can be made start to finish in 10 minutes I don't think you can beat these light and airy ones. As you can see, I made the rolled-out version of these biscuits (with the help of my trusty high-tech rolling empty wine bottle) but they can be even easier if you make drop-biscuits using heaping tablespoonfuls of dough dropped onto a cookie sheet instead. Before, Bisquick baking mix was one of those things that didn't even register to me when scanning the grocery store shelves. But, now that I know this one versatile mix can be used not only for biscuits but also for breading, shortbread, pancakes as well as hundreds of other recipes from Bisquick's website, it is definitely going to be one of my pantry staples from now on.


  1. Well the bisquickettes (?) look good, but what did you do to the steak, looks like au poivre... at least I hope

  2. Unfortunately I can't take credit for the steak, it came pre-prepared from the store, but you're right. It caught my eye because it's actually cracked pepper and a combination of black and white tea leaves. It tasted great!

  3. Have you made the strawberry shortcake recipe on the back of the box?! They are my FAVORITE--so so easy and WAY better than the spongey crap you buy at the gro sto. I would recommend not using the ridiculous amount of sugar on the strawberries to macerate them though. If you have good berries, a spoonfull or two will suffice.

    You don't have to always use bisquick either. I made them with Trader Joe's whole wheat pancake/biscuit mix and they turned out great.


  4. @Genie Ko: Mad props for managing to use "gro sto" and "macerate" in the same paragraph. And thanks for the Trader Joe's tip--I love that place!