Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well, you knew it was coming. Living in DC, there’s no way I could appropriately celebrate/survive the inaugural madness without some type of Obama-themed dessert. While I wish I could say I came up with some stunningly clever type of baked good in homage to the Obamas, I’ll have to admit that I stuck with a rather traditional chocolate layer cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. But, for what it’s worth, I have to say that this is possibly one of the more difficult desserts I’ve ever attempted (I know that’s not saying too much). But this time last year you would have found me dumping out the contents of a Duncan Hines box and stirring up the contents of a can of Pillsbury frosting/cement mortar/ceiling spackle.

This project also meant I had to buy my first ever pastry bag and set of decorating tips. Again, I am of the Good Housekeeping mindset that you can generally pipe out just about anything through the snipped tip of a Ziploc baggie filled with frosting (shush, I can hear your gasps of horror). But somehow I had a feeling that my MacGyver approach to bakery design was just not going to cut it for this one.

Unfortunately, as you can see, maybe I would have been just as well off with a paintball gun because this cake is not exactly what you’d call…elegant. But that’s ok, right? It’s the spirit of the thing that counts. Hope and Change and Perseverance and A New Day and all of that. And now I have my very own pastry decorating tips to practice decorating with on all manner of cookie, cupcake, pastry and greeting card and you can bet I’ll bring my A Game for next time around in 2012.

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