Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pie Sisters, Georgetown

I'm no longer in denial that my love of pie has recently been gaining on my love of cupcakes. Unsurprisingly, I think this is because I love them for the same reasons: portability, nostalgia, and virtually endless flavor combinations.

And when it comes to pie, I think nostaligia is the key; as Washingtonian dining editor Todd Kliman recently opined in his hilariously observant rant against the deconstructed pie trend, "Do you really want your confections to awaken an intellectual appreciation of what can be done with flour, sugar, and berries? Wouldn’t you rather make me swoon over every bite? Send me back to my childhood on sugary waves of nostalgia?"

And nostaliga is what you'll find in spades when you step into Pie Sisters, a new gourmet, pies-only bakery in Georgetown. Full of wood accents, candles, live music and pie, you can't help but want to stay and reminisce when the server at the counter ask, "Would you like a glass of milk with that?" I have to say, it pretty much takes an act of God to get me to go to Georgetown, but this heavenly pie is worth the trip.

Mmm...sugary waves of nostalgia...
Serving up whole pies and "cuppies" (pie served in a cupcake-shaped crust--it's like they know me!) Pie Sisters offers up all the traditional flavors as well as seasonal favorites and a savory option. If you're enjoying your pie in-house, take them up on the offer to have it heated. Trust me. Thinking they would simply stick my cuppies into the microwave, I was pleasantly surprised when they were popped into the convection oven and served piping hot. For a double scoop of nostalgia, you can also have it a la mode.

Though the cuppies are a little pricey, it's a great way to sample several flavors and not feel like you're eating the equivalent of an entire pie by yourself. For the next party when everyone expects you to show up with cupcakes, mix it up a little by ordering ahead and bringing a Pie Sisters pie instead. They even come in a glass dish so just say it's homemade...you don't have to elaborate exactly whose home it was made in ;)  I tried the Chocolate Pecan and Classic Apple on my trip and will definitely be back for more! 

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Pie Sisters
3423 M St.
Washington DC, 20007

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