Wednesday, January 27, 2010

With A Passion--Foodie Journal Review

Like most angsty teens, I was pretty into journaling during middle and high schools. Now I'm much more likely to splurge on expensive blank notebooks with the best of intentions and then pretend not to notice them gathering dust sadly on the bookcase. Also, when I was little, one of my favorite activities was to use these pretty, blank notebooks to "create" my own cookbooks inspired by those I amassed from the local library. Recopying all my faves thematically into these notebooks, I guess this is how you come to make chicken fran├žais and almond pilaf for your parents at age 15.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I came across this neat new line of "Passion" notebooks from Moleskine to help categorize all the passions in your life. No more scribbling the name of that fabulous wine onto the back of your napkin, or trying not to throw away that amazing recipe on the scrap of an envelope. In addition to recipe and wine notebooks, there are also journals for all the favorite music, wellness, books and film in your life.

How are these different from just any other journal you ask? Accessories, my friends. Inside the gorgeous, embossed, black leather covers for the Recipe Journal you'll find 240 blank pages as well as food calendars, conversions, themed sections (appetizers, cocktails, etc), stickers and ingenious little pockets to hold notes, restaurant cards, wine labels or whatever you can think of. I'm not much for organization, but with these customizable notebooks you can't help but keep track of all your favorite foodie info just the way you'd like it.

Unfortunately these aren't on sale on my side of the pond yet but that may not keep me from shelling out a few pounds to get one from these retailers offering them on exclusive presale right now.

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