Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

I love birthdays. My birthday, other people's birthdays--I just get really excited, which probably belies some unnatural personality bent towards selfishness but hey, whatever, who doesn't like cake and presents? :) I also happen to have an amazing group of friends that showered me unnecessarily with neato baking gear that I am SO excited to try out. I'm so grateful for my new sheep cookie cutter (my favorite animal!), individual cupcake tupperwares, the new Martha Stewart cupcake book and the generous love of all my friends--thanks to everyone who helped make my day special!

As a treat to myself I also ordered catered cupcakes for my party from my favorite shop, Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle. I ordered a dozen each of Dulce de Leche and Raspberry Beret (chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream) flavors, and they were just as amazing as I'd hoped. Unfortunately I didn't make it over to Artisan Confections to pick up any Michel Patisserie macaroons, so I guess that will have to wait for next year's bash. Stay tuned for my attempts to recreate just about every cupcake from Martha's new book and, in the meantime, enjoy these cupcake shots from the party.


  1. hey lady! sorry i missed out this past weekend--my timing was off :-P

    on another note, i just read this via my twitter feed. thoughts?

  2. Nice Blog! I am getting so hungry right now....if it wasn't so late I'd heat to the kitchen and make some cupcakes. Well, it isn't THAT late....

    I just started an Italian food blog at

    Stop on by!


  3. @Genie--omg. Now I have an overwhelming urge for corndogs, this is all your fault. I think the haut dog is a great idea but I hope chefs don't think they can get away with charging haut prices--you can't charge for Americana! :)

  4. And happy birthday! Thanks for stopping by my blog ;-)