Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brunch made easy?

How much would you be willing to pay for croissants? Warm, flaky, butter-infused crescents from heaven, striking the perfect balance between delicious chew and light-as-air texture.
When I received my latest e-mailed newsletter from Williams-Sonoma last week my attention was caught instantly by the issue's title: "Brunch Made Easy!" with this delightful picture of one of France's most famous exports. Now, I love brunch and I LOVE croissants (I think my love for France goes without saying at this point). I was very excited to see how I could make my very own croissants ("Easy!") at home.

But alas, this advertisement is for ordering pre-made croissants. FOR $40. That's right. 4. 0. $.

For ONLY $40 you can have the privilege of receiving 15 frozen croissants. What could be easier than thawing something on your countertop?? Perhaps waiting to then let them rise for 8-12 hours. Or waiting the full week it takes for them to ship.

This is ridiculous. I'm as sick as everyone else of hearing about the "economic crisis," but are there seriously people that don't bat an eye at $40 croissants? Maybe the same people that are ordering the $40 sticky buns.

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